Belfast in Springtime...

When I first started dating my lovely husband, and began visiting Belfast (we were dating long distance between Glasgow and N.I.), one of the first things he did was take me to the Botanic Gardens. So I often find myself pouring over that set of photos, from April 2009, loving on the magnificent Magnolia's and beautiful hyacinth beds. Last week we decided to take the morning and have a stroll around the Botanic Gardens and see what was growing... everything is ever so slightly later this year, so it will be another few days until the blossom is in fullest bloom and the big fat pink Magnolia's are out... though I was lucky and caught an epic display from the white ones, against this *stunning* blue sky...

Double Daffodils and Narcissus galore... pom poms of yellow, and feathery whites... so gorgeous!

The Camellia were pretty spectacular, and the Rhododendron were on form, too... I even loved the dried and unkempt edges from Winters touch - contrasting so beautifully with all the new Spring greens.

Visit soon, if you can.