Your Daily Petal, coming soon...

An important part of what I will be doing at PETAL studio is re-focussing on my botanical illustration work... although I have worked as a designer for over a eleven years now, as most designers and makers know, you spend a surprisingly short part of your year actually doing the fun stuff! 

So I am working towards launching a daily drawing & painting practise and I actually can't WAIT! It will give me a framework to accomplish some projects I have in the pipeline and a chance to explore different subjects and mediums without needing the excuse of a specific project/subject or deadline. For an artist, this is pretty much the most exciting thing EVER!

I will ideally be aiming to share an image on my instagram account daily - of something I've drawn, painted and illustrated. Now, this is maybe a tall order, as some of my more worked up illustrations can take up to 20+ hours, so there will be a variety of pieces shared... some doodles, some in progress, and some completed. Sometimes, schedule dictating, I might also create more than one drawing per day, and then share it over the following days - but I know that is normal for 365 art projects!

It will be called 'Your Daily Petal' #yourdailypetal and I can't wait to officially kick it off in the next few weeks!

Hope you'll join me for daily floral goodness! xo