I've spent over a decade of professional practice obsessed with sharing my love of flowers and plants - first working as a jewellery designer, then, with my husband as a homeware designer and brand owner, photographer and stylist for hire - all the time creating work inspired by Botanical form. Our work, and products, have sold internationally and we've had the pleasure of being featured in some of the worlds top blogs, profiled in important and influential magazines, and stocked in the best stores. In an incredible career high, one of our wallpapers was acquired for one of the most important Museum collections in the world.

But, even after all that, nothing makes me happier than stepping in to the Flower Market and finding that perfect bloom...

Exploring what's in season, the scent of crushed stems beneath my feet. Planning how I'm going to arrange them, what fleeting uplifting joy I can arrange for a shoot, for our home, to give or to draw. One of life's simplest, and most stunning, pleasures.

Being one step removed from flowers for most of the working year has finally become too much for me. I'm taking that one step back (yet forward!) towards the thing that makes me happiest, and that's brought me to this new studio, and practice...'A Celebration of All Things Floral' to be both illustrated, and arranged. I'm so excited to share this new journey with you.

And why Petal? Well, that's what my wonderful husband calls me... 

Everyone else calls me Abigail.